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Six years after the arrival of its predecessors, we welcome the new and updated range of Genergy inverter generator. The experience obtained over the last years has given us accurate information on where and how to improve our equipment, and we offer you as a result of this experience the first 4 models of this second evolution. Simpler, more efficient, reliable, attractive, quieter, lighter, will seek to become a clear leader in the market.

Portable inverter generators are smart generators that only use the required amount of fuel, depending on how much electricity is being used, resulting in lower running costs, through the saving in fuel, maintenance etc. They achieve this through innovative technology and other benefits of these units is normally higher portability and lowered noise output. A good example of an iverter generator is the Mallorca, this nifty bit of kit is one of our featured generators. If you can afford it and are after portability, efficiency and silence then we recommend an inverter generator – the price of these are generally a little higher but you save in many other ways.


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Definition of an Inverter Generator

An inverter generator is state-of-the-art technology combining monitoring and protection against ground faults on outlets and equipment and the generator engine will only operate at the rpm speed needed to power the load you require. Automatically installed into an inverter generator is a microprocessor which allows the alternator to produce multiphase AC power which is converted to DC and then finally, the inverter will convert it back to AC power. Inverter generators are the most fuel efficient, clean burning and smooth running portable generators and standby generators you can purchase today. At Genergy, you will find only highest rated and tested inverter generators available on the market.

Types of Inverter Generators

Inverter generators typically are found only as portable electric power generators because the technology is typically used at a lower power level. Inverter generators convert energy into power that resembles an AC wall outlet found in homes. These conversions are all completed and transferred through various types of waves. There are four types of inverter generators:

Square Wave
Modified Square Wave
Pseudo Sine Wave
True Sine Wave

Why Purchase an Inverter Generator?

Inverter generators provide the ability to transform energy from AC to DC and even back again. Inverter generators are used heavily with recreational enthusiasts, motor and mobile homes, farming and ranching facilities. A standard automatic backup generator is used typically for emergency backup power, an inverter generator is used as the main power source whether temporary or permanent. Inverter generators convert energy into a cleaner source of power which is more consistent due to the adjusting wave forms. This results in a quiet machine produces energy at levels as needed. Because the speed of energy production varies, the cost of the energy is reduced due to the efficient use of fuel. An inverter generator is a compact solution to your portable power requirements.