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2022 Genergy Generators Catalog
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Genergy is a Spanish brand founded in 2008, with headquarters located in Calahorra, La Rioja. From our beginnings we are specialized in manufacturing of portable electric generators and all kind of machinery powered by heat engines.

SG Group distributes its products in different markets, under its brands Genergy, MGA-Spain and Green-Product. Three prestigious brands, recognized in national and international markets, and that offer solutions to any isolated energy needs. MGA is specialized in portable generators with gasoline engines and digital inverter generators, especially suitable for domestic uses or hobby. Under Genergy brand we manufacture gasoline electric generators, 1500 RPM diesel generators and a complete range of professional machinery as air compressors, welder generators, high pressure washers, water pump, power stationp, etc. And finally, Green-Product offers energy solutions more sustainable and respectful with the environment. Products that significantly reduce consumption and harmful emissions, and allow us to manage our energy more intelligently.

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