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Fully autonomous compressor. Ideal for any task in areas where no electricity is available. The most common uses are the work of pruning, mobile workshops, cleaning of fi lters, or tighten machinery among others.

Gas Powered Air Compressors

If you are in the market for a gas powered air compressor it is important to first understand what an air compressor is and how it works. You will also want to take into account your reason for purchasing a compressor and your budget.

When making your decision you will first need to decide between purchasing a gas powered air compressor or an electric one. If you need power your only choice is the gas powered air compressor. This type of compressor has the most power of any on the market today. It will give you the power you need and get the job done in a hurry. If power and portability are not a concern you have the option of choosing between a gas or electric compressor.

Also consider where you will be using your air compressor. If you plan on using it where electricity is not available then, again, gas is your only option. Gas compressors are perfect for operating pneumatic tools when you do not have easy access to electricity. The portability of gas compressors makes them the perfect solution for scuba compressors. Gas compressors are considered portable compressors because they do not depend upon electricity.

A gas powered air compressor uses fuel to compress air into a cavity. Once this air has been compressed it can then be discharged with a great amount of force. The mechanics of air compression are simple. Gas, (in this case air), is forced into a cavity and sealed off from escape. As the compressor forces more air into the cavity the air compresses. When released through a small nozzle this compressed air is extremely powerful. It will exit the cavity, the compressor, with speed and force.


Air compressors have many different industrial and mechanical applications as they can be attached to almost anything. For example, pneumatic tools, such as a nail gun, use compressed air to drive nails with much more force than your standard hammer. The air compressor, when attached to the nail gun too makes building quicker, faster, and more cost efficient. Car and power washers use compressed air to force water out at a high rate of speed. A gas powered air compressor can be attached to a power washer for use anywhere.

Gas powered air compressors are also utilized to make life more convenient. They can be easily used to convert poisonous gases into breathable gases. This application has benefited many patients with breathing difficulties and scuba divers alike.

Consumers are advised to use gas powered air compressors with caution. The forced air can be dangerous and compressors should never be used for anything other than the specifications listed in the compressor’s user’s guide. Using your compressor for anything other than what is intended to do can damage the compressor itself and cause harm to the user.

Different types of Compressors

Here is some information on the air compressor that can help you decide what kind to purchase.

Buy compressors with rotary pump if you want low pressure. If you are looking for one with a high output air pressure then consider the reciprocal compressor pump.

There are two basic ways air compressor works:
– A piston compress the air until it is ready to be release.
– Using centrifugal force: as air is rotated, it is moved to the center of the chamber where it becomes compressed.

Three different types of compressors:

– Small compressors use invector pumps.
– Direct drive pump is a bit larger and is for occasional uses, requires not oil and will last about 500 hours.
– Belt-drive pumps are quiet and require oil and more maintenance.

The PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSOR WITH WHEELS easily moves around, has good air pressure out put, with a single or two stage air compressor pump. You can use the compressor with the two stages for more heavy work like in construction.

Hand carry compressors have light weight and can be carried around with a handle. It will only have a single stage pump, designed to be used only for light work in your garage or around your home.

The mounted air compressor is large, placed on an existing tank, produces high pressure and is designed to be used in an auto shop, wood shop, or where good air pressure is needed. The vehicle air compressor fits on the back of a truck or van. These are for large jobs that are encounter in the field. These are available with a large single or two stage air compressor pum

How to Choose the Best Air Compressor

If you just go to your local home improvement store to buy an air compressor you will be blown away by the number of options you have to choose from. This is why it is important to know how to choose an air compressor. While you may think cost is the first thing to look at, there are other aspects that should come first.

Know Your Needs

The first thing to think about is what you will be using the air compressor for. This is important because it is the only way to determine if what you are buying will really be what you need it to be.

Amount of Air

The first thing you will want to look at is the cubic feet per minute of air that the unit will give you. If you plan to do normal tasks such as power washing or sanding, a basic unit will work for this, but if you plan to do large projects that require a huge amount of pressure then you will want to pay close attention to this.

Size of the Tank

The size of the tank determines how much compressed air you will have. While the tank can continue to compress the air as long as there is a power source to it, this can cause some delays if you do not have a large enough tank for your needs. You will want to consider whether you want to move around with the piece or not.


This is the most crucial part of finding an air compressor that will meet your needs. For instance, if you are an artist, you cannot use tools for pumping air into tires to create a masterpiece on canvas. However if you find an air compressor that meets all your other needs and is at a great price you can often find the accessories separately. They may be difficult to find and can be expensive though.


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