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ANT Power Station 600/1000W

• Power station ANT, accumulates energy when you use your generator, accumulates energy from the solar panels or you can even carry and fully recharge it from a wall outlet.
• You can use the accumulated energy whenever you need it, you will enjoy hours of silent and stable 100% energy.
• Rated output power 600W, startup capacity of startup peaks up to 1200W.
• Integrated inverter pure sinusoidal wave output ensures electricity (230V 50HZ) highly stable in all parameters, including frequency harmonics.
• Integrated high quality AGM battery, capacities available 100Ah, 150Ah and 200Ah.
• 4-stage smart charger with manual load dimmer, short circuit protection, low voltage, reverse polarity and temperature.
• Integrated solar charge controller manages battery charging from the panels efficiently prolonging its life.
• Clear and intuitive control panel, is extremely easy to use, requires no configuration or programming.
• Compatible with our solar panels “KIT SOLAR ANT 150W”.
• Compatible with any type of 230V 50HZ generator either regulated by capacitor, by electric regulator or inverter process.
• GENERGY 2 year total warranty including labor, transportation and spare parts*.

* 1 year warranty for the machines invoiced to companies, cooperatives, partnerships or any other legal character different to a particular consumer.

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