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Baqueira Generator – 7000 230V E-Start

  • Modern and with a pleasant design, based on a very high resistance plastic outer fairing on a metal inner frame, which offers 360 ° protection to the engine-alternator assembly.
  • High quality wheels, with rubber tire, maintenance and bearing free. Cross wheel axle (without independent axles), providing perfect verticality and alignment.
  • The oversize electrical panel, allows the installation of all the elements orderly. Second panel independent for start functions.
  • Fuel valve, choke and ignition switch are merged in a single command. Just turn and push to start the engine.
  • Digital panel with Voltage output, frequency and working hours indicator; output parameters are controlled all the time. It controls the hours of use to manage the preventive maintenance plan properly.
  • Emergency button on the whole range. Facilitates shutdown in an emergency.
  • Adaptable with a lighting tower and a cover sheet in case of bad weather.
  • 2x16A + 1x32A (IP44) Socket outlets.


  • GENERGY Professional Range engine with high performance and reliability. Approved according to the EURO V standard.
  • Automatic shutdown due to lack of oil, protects the engine from serious damage in case of no or low level of lubricating oil.
  • High capacity fuel tank (28L). Greater autonomy with fewer refills.


  • New “SVR” smart voltage regulator protects the alternator and stabilizer from damage caused by misuse and offers better performance against starting of inductive equipment.
  • High quality all copper winding alternator, longer lifespan, greater startup capacity of the inductive material, greater tolerance to overload or over temperature, infinitely more resistant to environmental corrosion.
  • Optimized cooling, which allows greater dissipation of the temperature, especially under conditions of high temperatures and high load.

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