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Creta-SOL Generator – 7500W 230V

  • GENERGY SGB-PRO EURO V engine, efficient and highly reliable. Ensures an easy and smooth startup in any condition.
  • Automatic start / stop through contacts for support in photovoltaic and eolic systems.
  • Manual start by rope and electric start, free of charge battery included*.
  • New electronic choke, ensures a fast and accurate startup in automatic mode by contacts.
  • Fully automatic startup process with a sequence up to 5 startup attempts.
  • Integrated battery charger/maintainer (fed with 230V from the inverter). Ensures an optimal state of the battery charge of the generator at all times.
  • Automatic shutdown due to lack of oil, protects the engine from serious damage in case of no or low level of lubricating oil.
  • Large capacity fuel tank (25L), greater autonomy with less fill-ups.
  • Power output of high quality; voltage and frequency remain fully stable, just as harmonic distortion is almost negligible. These features make it compatible with any electronic equipment regardless the demanding your power discrimination system can be.
  • 2 output one-phase sockets 16A (IP44) and 1 output one-phase socket 32A (IP44).
  • Overload protection by breaker. Equipment protection against overloads.
  • Smart digital panel with Voltage output, frequency and working hours indicator; output parameters are controlled all the time. It controls the hours of use to manage the preventive maintenance plan properly.
  • GENERGY 2 year total warranty including labor, transportation and spare parts*.

* The battery is delivered free of charge and is not included in the price of the machine therefore is not covered by the warranty. If you don’t want to receive the free of charge battery, indicate it at the moment you make your order.

* 1 year warranty for the machines invoiced to companies, cooperatives, partnerships or any other legal character different to a particular consumer.

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