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GDS20M Diesel Generator – 20kVA 16kW 230V

  • GENERGY 1500RPM diesel engine SGE series, simple mechanics, excellent performance and high reliability.
  • GENERGY self-excited synchronous generator, 100% copper winding. Low harmonics distortion (THD) and interference (THF).
  • High-end DEEP SEA controller, monitors and displays all generator parameters, warns of anomalies stopping the equipment if necessary.  
  • Electric starter by button, free of charge battery included*.
  • Prepared for automatic startup in case of net failure, requires ATS63 transfer box (REF21620) not included.
  • Prepared for remote startup by contact signal, via two threads.
  • Jacket water heater, allows an easier startup at low temperatures, and ensures an optimal operation temperature from the first moment (valid option when there is net access, e.g. net failure mode ATS.)
  • Air pre-heater included in series, it helps the startup in extreme cold conditions.
  • Integrated battery charger/maintainer with 230V power supply.
  • Integral casing coated with sound isolation. Reduces the noise level notably.
  • Electronic voltage regulation ensures a correct and stable voltage at all times.
  • Equipped with residual current circuit breaker 30mA.
  • Frame equipped with holes for pulling or lifting by cranes, excavators, trolleys….
  • Kit available for generator rooms with connection elements for exhaust and cooling gases output (REF 2016047).

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