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Narcea High Pressure Washer 900 L/H 275 Bar

• Powerful gasoline high pressure washerideal for small cleaning works in remote areas with no possibility of connection tonetwork lines..
• GENERGY engine SG series, professional line. Efficiency and durability guaranteed.
• Electronic ignition by transistors, fast startup in any condition and throughout the life of the engine.
• Manual rope and electrical by battery starter*
• Automatic shutdown due to lack of oil, protects the engine from serious damage in case of no or low level of lubricating oil.
• 35mm reinforced frame with protection combined with over-sized silent-block, offers high protection to all, reduces vibration and annoying noise.
• Professional and over-sized transport kit with solid wheels (13″) and metal rim.
• High pressure pump from the firm Annovi Reverberi with over 60 years of experience in pressure pump.
• Maximum working pressure 275BAR, estimated rate 900L/H.
• It Includes 15 meters of high pressure hose, nozzles kit with different angles of attack and professional spray gun and lance.