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Natura 3000 Propane Generator – 3000W 230V

  • GENERGY engine SGE series, professional line.  Efficiency and durability guaranteed.
  • Electronic ignition by transistors, fast startup in any condition and throughout the life of the engine.
  • Electric starter “PUSH ST”, allows starting up only by pushing a button; free of charge battery included*.
  • Patented fuel selector lever “SDS Tech”, allows the exchange between propane and gasoline without stopping the engine.
  • Integrated and hidden propane regulator, propane inlet in the control panel with standard measurements.
  • Automatic shutdown due to lack of oil, protects the engine from serious damage in case of no or low level of lubricating oil.
  • 30mm reinforced frame combined with over-sized silent-block, offers high protection to all, reduces vibration and annoying noises.
  • Professional and over-sized transport kit with solid wheels (8”) made of EVA and metal rim.
  • High capacity fuel tank (19L). Greater autonomy with fewer refills.
  • High quality all copper winding alternator, longer lifespan, greater startup capacity of the inductive material, greater tolerance to overload or over temperature, infinitely more resistant to environmental corrosion.
  • Electronic voltage regulation, ensures a correct and stable voltage at all times.
  • Overload protection by breaker. Equipment protection against overloads.
  • Digital panel with Voltage output, frequency and working hours indicator; output parameters are controlled all the time. It controls the hours of use to manage the preventive maintenance plan properly.