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Our new range of NATURA propane gas generator offers the possibility of using both gasoline and propane as fuel. Its innovative fuel selector allows the exchange between gasoline and propane, without being necessary to stop the engine. Using the generator in propane mode offers significant economic savings; besides its combustion gases are less harmful to the environment. Propane is a safe, clean, easy to find and store fuel.


· 40% saving compared to Gasoline and 25% compared to Diesel (According to Spanish fuel prices in recent years, can change depending on changes in price between different fuels).
· Lower Emissions: Emits low carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and fewer toxic pollutants than gasoline. Non-toxic and biodegradable.
· Long ShelHife: Unlike gasoline, it can be stored indefi nitely without deterioration. Safely transported without spillage.

Propane generators, like diesel generators, come with some benefits which may be the deciding factor for you if you have the right circumstances. One of the big advantages is storage of the fuel, Propane comes in a tank which stores just fine and has much less risk of degradation and fire. On top of this one can have a large tank installed in the yard and have the gas plumbed straight into your propane generator to be used as and when you need it for extended periods of time. Very handy if you are cut off from the world for extended periods. Another advantage is the lowered environmental impact propane has, with less smell and toxicity.


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Natural Gas Generator

A natural gas generator is a motor driven device which provides power by tying into the main energy source, the gas pipeline. The gas generator is powered by fuel that is comprised mostly of propane. It is derived from areas that contain fossil fuels found in the earth’s crust. Also found in the organic matter in coal beds, natural gas is drilled, extracted and manufactured from these petroleum deposits.

Similar to a propane generator, a natural gas generator will save you money in the long term. The natural gas generator burns cleaner with more efficiency. The natural gas generator will produce less fumes and lower emissions, passing many EPA tests and city ordinances and government regulations. You may be able to reduce your costs of electricity up to 40% when using a natural gas generator. Available in a variety of power ratings, you will be able to operate a natural gas generator to provide power from a selection of just a few small appliances to powering an entire large industrial plants.


· Commercial Businesses
· Industrial Plants
· Constructions Sites
· Residential External & Emergency Power
· Medical Facilities
· Military & Government
· Agricultural
· Rural Home Power
· Marine & Shipping
· Natural Disaster Relief

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